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EEROZ Game - Crossword


1. Objects that help to accomplish a mission

4. To win, you must reach the last…

5. Extraordinary

7. A person who does good things



1. It is present in a smartphone

2. The opposite of paying

3. You can call with

6. Particular capacity

8. Exchange between several people

9. You’ll soon be addicted

Good luck :)

Dad - A Son’s First Hero, A Daughter’s First Love

Why do you think that your father is a Super Hero? 

EEROZ of the day at Roland Garros… 

EEROZ of the day at Roland Garros… 


I think we’re all heroes, if you catch us at the right time.

-Andy Garcia
Love is super. Online dating for SuperHero.

Love is super. Online dating for SuperHero.

Superhero Silhouette Art

Superhero Silhouette Art

A hero is someone who rebels or seems to rebel against the facts of existence and seems to conquer them.

-Jim Morrison

Eeroz in the air

EEROZ organizes a Photo Contest of Flying Superheroes. Wear your best superhero costume and jump! All participants will win an invitation for the private beta launch of EEROZ app.

Send your photos to

What’s the cutest thing a superhero could do for his/her mom?

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Super Heroes by Dulce Pinzon

Photographer Dulce Pinzon Mexico was interested in heroes like no other. His Super Heroes are all these Mexicans working in the U.S. to send money to their family.

He provides information on each photo, the name of the person, her origin, her business and how many dollars her sends to his family.

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